Laurie Householder Mehler

"Life's Happy Little Trim Tab"

Certifications & Experience

Why I Created ZenergySports?

With 25 years of experience racing the sport of triathlon and selling Richmond Multisports Triathlon production company in December of 2014, I am very grateful for the opportunity to shift careers from a USA Triathlon race director after 13 years to coaching and consulting. I’ve been competing since I was 8 and studying the human body, its performance, nutrition, music, organizing, sorting, leadership, and human beings pretty much my entire adult life! I am passionate about swimming, cycling, running, music, hiking, golf, yoga, people, and helping others.

The consulting piece is about teaching event directors the skill sets to organize, sort, lead, and delegate to make the event flow in the most efficient, less stressful way to save time and money. These skills will also be coached to ZenergySports clients to integrate with their life and training.

I feel a responsibility to share my knowledge of fitness, nutrition, activity, and humanities study to help you with your goals, needs, desires to prevent disease, lower obesity, and move up the happy meter! If you want to take your life to a new edge, I believe I have skills to coach you to get there! Through my new non-conventional path of coaching and consulting, you are going to make a quantum leap and feel great while doing it. I’m excited, thank you for reading!

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