Coaching for Musicians

  • Why coach musicians for better fitness and health? Laurie loves awesome music. To be able to help guide driven musicians to strive for a fitter lifestyle, perform longer, and have more energy is a very real passionate privilege.
  • With the unusual circumstances of travel, hotels, and hectic schedules, musicians have hurdles to overcome that most don’t. Add to it the “stressors” of being away from friends and family, it can feel like “how can we keep going, create, and be happy?”
  • A fitter routine adds energy to the body on stage, builds endurance and stamina that any audience will feel.
  • Singers will experience a stronger core to achieve the notes, and avoid unnecessary strain on the vocal cords, the lung capacity will increase as well as the abdomen tone.
  • Services offered: analysis of the personality profile and determination of hot buttons to create the plan to become fit and healthy. Plans are completely customized based on desired lifestyle, nutrition, fitness, and how you want to looks and feel. The coaching is personalized and can be anywhere in home city or performance locations days before a show with optimal venue research done to choose outdoor workouts. Can be a variety of options: hiking, walking, running, cycling, swimming for example. Laurie has been a lifetime athlete and has 26 years of experience as a triathlete ( swimming, biking, and running ) with a key focus on nutrition.
  • The approach is holistic like having an outdoor fitness partner that understands music, the human body, the spirited source being, combining the psychological and physical to reach that happy energy sweet spot!