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Laurie consults and coaches successful top executives who are very complete in the business world, but looking to take things up a notch with personal health and fitness. Specialization is centered around swimming, cycling, running, hiking, walking sports, triathlon, IRONMAN, 70.3, and goal planning. With a new level of fitness you will be able to sort and organize your life to move forward to a happier more productive lifestyle in work which rolls into other areas of life.

Most people are short on time and inundated by emails, text, tweets, news, advertising, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, home maintenance, physical health issues, TV, entertainment, leaving you feeling sometimes overwhelmed, socially unhappy, and maybe bored– SOSDD!

According to A Washington Post article in 2013, only 13% of people worldwide like going to work! Wow! Let's change that! Anticipated results with ZenergySports include feeling like you have a more defined results driven plan, you will be empowered with your health and fitness goal. You will be more confident to inspire happier, fitter, more organized employees and yourself! Ready?

Areas of Training

  • This level of customized training is designed to work with your lifestyle, travel demands, and is directly aligned with the goals that are right for you, based on a very detailed personal profile analysis. If you are smart, climbed up the corporate ladder, yet are looking for a new better feeling ( and better looking ) you, ZenergySports is your ticket. Over time, your body and the way you feel will shift to fill that need you have been ready to experience.
  • Areas covered: fitness goals, your training plan, body focus, energy, thoughts that translate into choices, distinctions on decision making and their impact, nutrition, physical fitness options to name a few.
  • You will receive consulting on where and what to train for, be directed to specialty resources based on their integrity, and have a coach to be accountable with you on your training progress.
  • What are you paying for? A personal experienced athletic coach, someone to hold you accountable, experience, a coach to create your training and health plan.
  • Exploratory meeting scheduling is set up by email or by phone. Fees are custom and based on clients needs and budget.

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