Event Directing & Planning Consulting for Running, Triathlons, Socials, Kids, and Corporate Events

Areas of Event Consulting

  • Full event logistics and operations (timelines, master spreadsheets with checklist etc...)
  • How to manage production teams
  • Master marketing plan including, but not limited to social media, web content and SEO text/content, print advertising, enewsletters, choosing promotional items
  • Creating a volunteer platform
  • New entrepreneur consulting from start-up details to sell of business
  • Endorsed by City of Richmond, VA Events Director - Allen Rothert
  • *All areas are completely custom based on clients’ starting knowledge.


ZenergySports consults with event directors, new or experienced. Specialization is centered around teaching sorting and organizing skill sets to direct your team to create fun, fantastic events that your client wants to experience. Whether it involves executing running events, triathlons, socials, kids, or corporate events… all need the same skill sets to be produced smoothly. You will have a happier, calmer feel leading from the top down with inspiration vs overwhelm.

Most people are short on time and inundated by emails, text, tweets, news, advertising, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, home maintenance, physical health issues, TV, entertainment, leaving you feeling distracted and off task.

Anticipated results include feeling like you have a defined results driven plan, you will be empowered with your company’s or event’s goal. You will be confident to inspire your team and yourself, while being happy doing it.. Ready?

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