ZenergySports teaches and coaches fitness techniques in sports (specialized in triathlon, swimming, cycling, running, hiking, walking), goal planning, and how to sort and organize your life so you can move forward to a happier spot. The approach is holistic combined with 25 years of experience. There is a front focus on empowerment of women and kids, as well as a new trend to help musicians on the road integrate a healthier lifestyle. Laurie ("House") will be your personal coach.

Most people are short on time and inundated by emails, text, tweets, news, advertising, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, home maintenance, physical health issues, TV, entertainment, leaving you feeling sometimes socially unhappy and bored– SOSDD!

Anticipated results include feeling lighter and more free. You will be happier, fitter, feel better at work and home, and feel more clear in your life with better attention. Your relationships with career, home, and family will improve daily as you integrate new fitness ideas, nutrition, and techniques starting with where you are in your current life. Are you ready?

Areas of Training with ZenergySports

  • #1 - A Personal Coach with 25+ years of experience that does all the planning and research, holds you accountable, and already has the resources you need. It's a straight shot to the goal vs doing it on your own.
  • Sports: Cycling, Hiking, Running, Swimming, Triathlon, Walking
  • Training apps: Training Peaks, Garmin Connect, Restwise, My Fitness Pal, Argus
  • Nutrition - physical you … what you eat, what you buy, what's in the pantry, what those choices manifest inside your body and how it makes you feel - serotonin levels, pleasure foods, yes we will be in your frig and pantry!
  • Goal Setting / Motivation, all custom based on your personality profile analysis
  • Individual personal coaching for athletes, future athletes, musicians, women, kids, and corporate executives looking to get fit
  • Coach works out with you or you do workouts on your own, you decide
  • In person interaction on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis
  • Specialized outdoor fitness coaching and workouts for individuals or musicians on tour ( in person, online, phone )
  • Coaching is offered to all ages and levels including kids! The amount of prescribed ADD meds and anti-depressants in this country is probably unnecessary. There are so many options to get you there that come naturally.
  • Goal is to increase overall health, motivate, create new energy, and consult on ideas for competing, finding training groups or partners (can be specialized coaching in addition to your current group program
  • Opportunity to join a group swim program at ACAC Fitness Center Southside Richmond, VA (this is the only group style coaching )
  • Physical and mental body - choices, distinctions on decisions and their impact, nutrition, physical fitness master plan to name a few
  • Completely customized training schedules based on where you are now with lifestyle, nutrition, fitness, and how you want to feel
  • Plans can be hourly, weekly, or monthly ( travel expenses are not included)

Certifications & Experience

  • IRONMAN University Certified Coach
  • 26 years racing triathlon
  • U.S. Masters Swimming Levels 1 & 2 Coach
  • ACAC Midlo Performance Swim team Coach
  • ACAC Private Swim Lessons Instructor
  • American Red Cross CPR/AED

Ready to get started?